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VanCargo Delivery has some of the most competitive rates in the area We offer rate structures for daily, weekly, and monthly service, based on your need. Quotes are per miles one way from point of pickup to point of delivery.      

                                             Weightless Freight Rate

VanCargo Delivery With our Weightless Freight Rates you pay only base on the type of vehicle require and the distance between the pickup and delivery.... not weight.

                                                                Fuel Surcharge

VanCargo Delivery Upcoming Fuel Surcharge for all services are now  in effect October 25 2021

Upcoming Fuel Surcharge for All VanCargo Delivery Services

Effective Date Surcharge

March 25, 2023 - Present 2023  18.00% 

Fuel Surcharge Index

The Fuel Surcharge percentages and their associated trigger points are subject to change without notice. If the Fuel Surcharge rises or falls beyond the posted index, or there are changes to the trigger points, the tables below will be updated.

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